Here at Alo, community is everything. We love connecting with all of you on Instagram and hearing about your experiences with yoga, but for us, face time is still a priority. We believe in the power of togetherness, so we wanted to see those relationships flourish in real life and have a space where people can connect with others who care about mindfulness and wellness. Scratch that—spaces, plural. That’s right, we’re opening more Alo stores (we already have three in L.A., including our solar-powered Beverly Hills flagship), but don’t be fooled—they’re actually full-on sanctuaries.

Each one will have a cafe with 100% organic cold-pressed juices, incredible Stumptown coffee, matcha lattes, Health-Ade kombucha and super-nutritious snacks (plus a lounge area where you can sip and hang), a yoga studio with classes taught by some of the most inspiring yogis in the world, exciting events happening all the time and, of course, all the Alo gear you love. Not to mention some pretty amazing art, like a cosmic mural taking up an entire wall. We wanted everyone to feel that they have a place at Alo—literally—and our sanctuaries are a reflection of that.

In the coming months, look out for our newest locations in Soho in New York, San Diego and the Pacific Palisades in L.A (and more to come). We can’t wait to see you!