What better way to unwind than at a group meditation with a room full of inspiring yogis and friends? This past Wednesday, we did just that at the Alo Santa Monica launch event for our new meditation series, Mindful Masters, which celebrates the more mental aspects of yoga. The evening started with our amazing Third Street Promenade store team saging everyone who poured in, and people were super into hanging in our dressing rooms-turned-meditation pods (sometimes while trying on clothes)—each room had an iPad in it with recordings from hypnomeditation therapists. There was live music from local artist Megan Kinney and a ton of amazing drinks and snacks—hot cocoa from Four Sigmatic, organic tea from Goldthread, turmeric “mylk” tonics from Renew Juicery, wellness shots from Kor, coconut milk elixirs from Rebbl, vegan cookie bites from The Instead Company, raw vegan donut holes from Freedom Farm, superfood bars from Kalumi and raw vegan cheesecakes and snickers from Emilia of Shanti Kitchen. The night culminated in a live hypnosis meditation led by Harper Botorowicz. Theta waves played over the loud speakers as everyone partook in the deep relaxation exercise and got super zenned out.

Couldn’t make it to the launch? Don’t worry, we’re hosting a meditation event at our Santa Monica store every week, so you can get your alpha waves amped up with us soon. Scroll down for some pics from the event and see our March event calendar here.