Sometimes all it takes to feel seriously amazing is just a simple shift in perspective. We’re talking about gratitude—a quality that anyone, anywhere can easily cultivate every single day with a little practice and commitment. That’s where our new YouTube video class series, 7 Days of Gratitude comes in. It’s all about inviting more gratitude into your life and strengthening your yoga through seven flow classes, all centered on different themes like heart opening and energizing. So you can dive deeper into gratitude, on and off the mat.

Today’s focus? Getting grounded. In this 30-minute flow, Briohny Smyth will help you focus your practice on three things you’re grateful for, then guide you through some slow-burn vinyasas and asanas. Scroll down to get started on the first class in the series, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep going with the next six classes. See you on the mat!