A huge thank you to everyone who helped us give back with the hashtag #AloGivesWater! Earth Day may be over, but your impact’s just taking root. Together we surpassed 2,000 Instagram posts, helped reach so many families in need and spread awareness about the amazing work that Water.org is doing. For every post, we’re helping give 1 person in a developing country access to clean, safe water for 1 year. But it’s more than a contribution—it’s really an investment in their future. Because Water.org believes in providing real, sustainable solutions to the water crisis through setting people up with small, affordable loans, empowering them to take action, and creating a pay-it-forward system (read more about that here!). In helping give people access to clean, safe water, we’re creating a ripple effect of good that will only keep spreading. And this is only the beginning!

We’re always looking for ways we can give back, and we want to hear from you! Send us an email or leave a comment on our Instagram about the causes or organizations most important to you, and we’ll keep them in mind for the future.