The incredible nonprofit Kind Campaign is leading the charge to raise awareness and bring healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying, and we’ve been so inspired by their work that we wanted to do something extra-special to support the cause. We’re thrilled to be teaming up with cofounders Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson today to host a private benefit yoga class, which will honor and raise money for the internationally-recognized organization. We’re gathering a group of awesome women spreading good (Sophia Bush, Jessica Szohr, Caitlin Crosby of the Giving Keys, to name a few), putting toes-to-mat for a relaxing, restorative practice and supporting an ongoing dialogue around anti-bullying. Swing by our Grove store today if you’re in the area! A portion of proceeds from all in-store sales will benefit Kind Campaign.

Kind Campaign was born out of a post-grad documentary project around girl-against-girl bullying in schools, and, nine years later, it has become a movement that’s sweeping the country and inspiring real change in schools. They’ve even gone global, with 11 international anti-bullying school tours under their belt! They hold in-school assemblies and bring educational curriculums into classrooms, giving girls the tools to feel empowered and create a kinder world for themselves and those around them. Through fostering an environment where girls can share their stories, learn from their peers and apologize to people they’ve hurt, Kind has changed millions of girls’ lives. We’re thrilled to be partnering with such an amazing group of leaders!

Want to yoga for a cause? We’ll be organizing more events like this in the future, so stay tuned for how you can get involved!