Last week we decked out the second floor of our Grove store with couches and beauty stations and brought the yoga, fitness and wellness communities together for our first ever 2-day Alo Thrive event! Full disclosure: we’re still riding our yoga highs. Over 500 people came out to take sold-out classes from the likes of Ashley Galvin, Body by Simone, Jade Alectra, Equinox, Aubre Winters, BoxUnion and other major players, and unwind with relaxing cbd massages, facials, sound baths, tarot readings, aromatherapy workshops and so much more.

One of the most inspiring parts of the two days was seeing so many different people connect over self-care and open their minds to new experiences—like taking a completely transformative breathwork meditation and movement class with the guys who started The Wildfire Initiative or getting a tribal body marking, an ancient art form that inspires connection and self-reflection. The space served as a home-away-from-home. For people who had never taken a yoga class before, mothers and their babies, fitness buffs, seasoned yogis and everyone else who came to thrive (one person even flew in from the East Coast to hang!).

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Alo Thrive! Keep an eye out for more community events like this in the future and check out our studio schedules for upcoming classes and workshops.