Want to turn up your vibration this month? Come hang with us at our Santa Monica store for two free magical wellness events in our ongoing meditation series, Mindful Masters. Fourth generation meditator Tulsi Bagnoli and yoga teacher and sound healer Scott Greenhut are leading a manifestation meditation and sound bath and Fortune + Flow‘s Jenn and Jess are teaching a crash course on crystals. Get in on the good feels!

Manifestation Meditation & Soundbath
November  7, 7pm

Come soak up the healing vibrations of 432hz-tuned crystal bowls and the sonic energy of planetary gongs, and find your zen through a special meditation. This practice incorporates gentle movement, breath, mantra and inward exploration to help you manifest your deepest visions.

Beginner’s Guide to Crystals
November 28, 7pm

Learn to use the power of crystals in your everyday life! Jen and Jess will teach you how to cleanse crystals, tap into their energy, grid your home, balance your chakras and more. Class will close with a reiki-infused meditation with your own crystal, which you’ll get to take home.