Get ready to tune in, zen out and find your bliss. Our meditation series continues this month with an epic breathwork session and a super-rejuvenating sound bath at our Beverly Hills flagship. They’re both free events, so just bring yourself (and your besties) and come with an open mind!

Goldenair Breathwork
Wednesday, May 10, 6pm | Alo Beverly Hills

Join us for a restorative evening with yogi, director and founder of Goldenair Breathwork, Chris Keener. He’ll guide you through three types of breathwork that slow the brain’s frontal cortex and bring you into what researchers call the “deep now” to help you release past trauma, blockages, and limiting beliefs.


High-Vibe Sound Bath
Tuesday, May 30, 7:30pm | Alo Beverly Hills

Holographic sound practitioner and renowned surfer Kassia Meador is bringing her skills to Alo for what’s sure to be an epic sound bath event! Kassia draws from a deep well of experience and knowledge, weaving a nurturing and supportive soundscape to help you journey into your subconscious and find your highest good.